Heredis 2020 for AndroidHeredis 2020 for AndroidAvailable now!

For tablet and phone

Take your genealogy everywhere, all the time, so that it is always at hand.

Made by Heredis

All that is essential in Heredis is on your mobile device.

Android Design

This application fully meets the Android standards.

Requires Android 5.1 or later. Only Compatible with Mac and Windows Heredis 2020

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A free application.

Essential features.
Tablet Reflection

A free application.

Essential features.


In the coming months, it will offer the same features as its counterpart on iOS.

Essential features

The beta version offers essential functions: sending files, viewing, navigating your genealogy...

Eye catching tree charts

You have family tree charts on your Android. They are truly refined. With up to 6 generations, just show them what you are capable of. Double-tap to zoom the box and then slide to view other chart boxes. Share it? Send it by email or print it out. Ideal.

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Log on to the Heredis forum and connect with the Heredis community. Our technicians are at your disposal for any questions or suggestions about the Heredis application for Android.

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